Core Valuation LLC

Breach of contracts, patent infringements, dissenting shareholder disputes; these are just some examples of the conflicts we face in our businesses. For better or worse, we rise to the challenges when you select Core Valuation LLC. We will assist both client and counsel by providing a comprehensive array of litigation consulting services to make informed choices. Core Valuation LLC will guide you through every stage of litigation or dispute resolution, providing our range of competencies, including business valuations, intellectual property computations, as well as simple and complex damages calculations, including solicited advice. We have also provided expert witness testimony in depositions and arbitration.

Our experience spans a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to service industries, private equity to alternative investment and more.  Given our depth and understanding of the markets and industries we have researched, we are able to deal with an economic or financial analysis depending on the scope of the engagement necessary for you to make informed decisions.

Most businesses or business interests are exposed to significant risks, from financial  considerations to operational factors and legal constraints. We take the necessary steps to listen and understand your business, consider all of the risks, analyze and quantify them to arrive at our valuation conclusions with great care and consideration.

Our Services

Core Valuation LLC is the culmination of best practices of business valuation and financial advisory experience developed over the years.  We are proud to deliver appraisals that have been thoroughly researched, well documented and properly maintained over the years to withstand scrutiny by many of the relevant regulatory bodies.

Core Valuation has extensive experience in valuing businesses and business interests for gifting and estate tax planning. Core Valuation has earned its reputation for working with clients’ counsel and financial advisors to ensure the integrity and credibility of our work product, and that our valuation reports are delivered on time and cost effectively.